Accreditation Route


To be carried out by the highest authority of the institution in a communication addressed to the President of the IAI
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The cost of the accreditation process depends on multiple factors (country, school size, others). If you would like to know the cost of your case contact us and we will discuss it with you.

Signing the agreement

Between the IAI and the medical school of the applicant institution

The contract will be adapted to the particularities of the institution to be accredited. It provides for the rights and obligations of the parties and the work schedule, considering as day 1 of the process, the day of the signing of the agreement. This agreement is the starting point for a process based on trust, transparency and common motivation, the primary objective of which is to improve the quality of the school to be accredited.

Preparation of the Self-Assessment process

Institute of International Accreditation and University Community
Duration: 5 weeks

Appointment of members of the self-assessment team. It is desirable that it includes managers, teachers of the career cycles, hospitals, researchers, students and graduates.

– Election of the Commission Coordinator.
– Establishment of functions and responsibilities of the team.
– Select date and development of the Self-Assessment Commission Induction Workshop by an IAI technical team.
– Fixing the working schedule.

Self-assessment process

The university community
Duration: 6 months
1. Awareness of the academic community.

Actions and activities to achieve the involvement of all actors.

2. Collection of quantitative and qualitative data.

According to the dimensions established in the accreditation standards of the IAI and with support of documents provided by it.

3. Preparation of the Self-Assessment Report and the Follow-Up Plan.

Based on the methodology provided by the IAI.

Preparation of the External Assessment

Institute of International Accreditation and University Community
Duration: 2 months
1. Designation of Pair Reviewers
2. Receiving the self-assessment report

Appointment of Pair Reviewers
The IAI selects the evaluators and sends its résumés to the Medical School to confirm that there is no conflict of interest with any of them.

Who are the evaluators?
They are experts in medical and higher education, national accreditation councils, national associations or other relevant bodies from the different countries where the IAI operates; who will carry out the study of the report and the fact-finding visit and verification at the headquarters of the academic unit

Setting the date and agenda for the visit of the pair reviewers:
In common agreement between the parties, the date of the visit is defined and the agenda to be developed during the visit is drawn up

Development of the External Assessment

Institute of International Accreditation and University Community
Duration: 3-5 days

On the scheduled date the peer commission visit is made, accompanied by a technical team of the IAI, and it is developed according to the established agenda.

Sending the External Assessment Report to the faculty

Academic Unit
Duration: 3 weeks

Once the Evaluation Peers Report is issued, it is sent to the academic unit to make the considerations it thinks that would lead to clarify aspects of the report that it deems necessary, indicate elements that have not been taken into account by the peer reviewers, or provide new evidence not added to the Self-Assessment Report, all leading to clarification of compliance with accreditation standards.

Analysis and decision-making

Institute of International Accreditation
Duration: 7 weeks

The Academic Accreditation Council of the IAI is the body responsible for ruling on the status of accreditability or not of the Faculties, Schools or Medical Careers, for which, they will act independently of criteria, confidentiality, basing their opinion exclusively on the accreditation standards approved by the IAI, taking into account the institutional projects of the academic units evaluated and the historical and cultural context of the countries in which they carry out their educational projects , respecting the diversity and multiplicity of university institutions.

Who makes up the IAI Academic Accreditation Council?
Recognized medical academic authorities of the international field.

Council verdict

If recognition of compliance with IAI accreditation standards is established, accreditation is granted and the term between 3 and 5 years is defined.

If the board considers that the institution does not meet IAI accreditation standards, a confidential report is issued, noting the identified weaknesses that prevent accreditation, forwarded to the institution.

Follow-up Program

We build together the path of accreditation and continuous improvement

The IAI will provide schools with technical advice and a program of improvement and monitoring, with regular monitoring, so that it can meet the improvement plans established by the faculty/school of medicine itself during its self-assessment, thus developing a process of continuous improvement and innovations that strengthen the desired quality.