Our goal is to contribute to the development of a necessary culture of quality

in medical education in Latin America.

This perceived need is driven by international accreditation to medical schools in Latin America, which will allow them to certify the quality and competitiveness of their programs and thus enhance the professional opportunities of their graduates for the benefit of the population.

The IAI integrates effective and efficient evaluation and accreditation processes that include hemispheric and global standards

aligned with the experiences shared at their time with WFME, WHO-PAHO and the National Associations of Medical Schools.

The verification of the processes is achieved with the self-assessment carried out by all the actors of the participating institution together with the crucial verification of international evaluators of recognized trajectory.

The dramatic realities and changing needs of medical education systems that impact health services,

require a culture of accreditation to achieve the desired quality for the benefit of the population.

The exponential growth of medical training institutions, population migrations and the demand for quality health services make effective ordering necessary and urgent.

A successful process that transcends borders

  • Anahuac University
  • Univalle (La Paz)
  • Univalle (Cochabamba)
  • University of Panama
  • Anahuac University Cancun
The objective is the development of a system to energize the quality of medical education for the benefit of our populations in Latin America